Who is Girl Melanie?

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Melanie became the avid basketball player turned filmmaker and self-proclaimed professional nomad. After a series of injuries and concussions, her basketball career was forced to end, leaving her with a reliance on photography and videos to retain her memory and motivation. Capturing emotions through the camera simultaneously became her device in healing and her passion.  
Upon graduating from North Carolina A&T, she began working as a director’s assistant and behind-the-scenes videographer for an ESPN Films/SEC Storied documentary series where she continued to hone her craft of storytelling. These shoots took her to various states across the country expanding her knowledge to the vast world of storytelling that needs to be created and fueled her love for traveling. 
Working under the tutelage of some phenomenal mentors, Melanie now resides in Los Angeles, balancing her time between writing and crafting projects, and mentoring the youth.